Early Access Program Started

We are pleased to announce some exciting and time saving new features on our lei-lookup.com website including:  

·       Save your frequently used searches

·       Receive email alerts whenever a chosen LEI changes

·       Receive email alerts when LEIs you search for are added or changed

·       Copy LEI details to clipboard

·       Produce exportable reports and charts based upon our LEI database

·       Lookup a batch of LEIs by uploading a CSV file of entity information

·       Retrieve LEI data from our LEI database using our RESTful API

For a limited period of time the whole package will be available free of charge to a limited set of users. As part of our Early Access programme, access is free on a first come first served basis. Once signed up users can trial the new features for the duration of the programme. At the end of the trial period you are free to subscribe to the LEI package that best suits your needs, or return to the 'basic' user package which will remain free of charge. 

Sign up for the program now by clicking on any of the new features on lei-lookup.com