The following components are available as part of the DUET Product Suite:


Reference DatA

Manages the core DUET e-trading data model, and is a required foundational component.


Integration Hub

Imports and exports reference data such as bonds and customer-related information, and also RFQ/Trade data from the trading platforms. Data can be in bulk (batch) form or as individual streamed messages. This is also a required foundational component.



Provides on-screen and distributed filtering/grouping and trade/inquiry statistics.



Provides two-way synchronisation of customer / customer-user account and enablements between DUET and the D2C markets (e.g. for Bloomberg ENAB / NFPV settings).


Quoting EnginE

Driven by core reference data (per trading desk's instrument category and market-side pricing level), this allows traders to control quote settings (bid/ask spreads, quantities, on/off controls) to be streamed to the market-side D2C venues. Can be controlled via its own UI or via an API integrated with existing trader UIs.


Order Streaming Engine

As per the Quoting Engine, but allowing traders to control the stream of orders to the order-driven market-side such as MTS, ESpeed etc, and to define hit reaction rules for automating when orders are turned off and then reinstated.


Negotiation Engine

Allows auto-response, trader ownership, markup rules etc to be defined and controlled by the traders (via its own UI or an API to integrate with existing trader screens); it processes normalised enriched inquiries from the D2C Markets and interacts with the existing platform gateways via a custom neg engine and an integration API.



Axe-sheet generation, with corresponding enrichment of axe-information into Trade Activity Reports and/or Negotiation Rules; Position Capture, allowing current position information to be enriched into Trade Activity Reports; Bloomberg GDCO Page Manager, allowing bonds to be configured to build automatically the lists on price pages.... and more....


The above components are charged on an annual license fee basis per component, with only incremental costs if more than one instance of a given component is needed e.g. for a separate business area. Integration consultancy fees are also charged; initial setup and integration typically takes around 2/3 weeks depending on your existing data and system.

Our interaction with you might take the form of a POC where existing platform data is integrated into a DUET installation for a particular business area and the product demonstrably provides the normalised enriched inquiry data and reporting. The product can also be extended quickly to incorporate your requirements.

These terms are flexible and other types of arrangement may be considered. Contact us to arrange a demonstration and to discuss how we can meet your scaling and migration timescales and needs.