ETLogic is a FinTech company with expertise in electronic trading technology for the investment banking industry. The main focus of this site is our flagship software product DUET, which provides RFQ and Voice Trade data standardisation, enrichment and reporting for the sell-side Investment Banks, in the Fixed Income and Credit Trading markets.

ETLogic provides other services in the financial technology space including lei-lookup, a dynamic easy search of global Legal Entity Identifiers; plus other sites containing tools to help with FIX messaging. Our core DUET technology has also proved flexible enough to be customised and used by another FinTech startup for their Retail FX platform. Our integration hub component is in use by a major Logistics company.

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DUET is an innovative software product for the sell-side Investment Banks, in Fixed Income and Credit Trading, bonds and interest-rate swaps.

Uniquely, it allows Inquiries (RFQs) and Trades from existing electronic gateways to be easily imported and mapped to a common format, and to be enriched with core reference data. This reference data is easy to configure and manage, allowing users to define Customers, Tiers, Instruments, Categories, Traders, Salespersons, Sales Coverage etc in an intuitive way using a common business model based on the concept of 'trading desks'.

DUET then provides reporting and visualisation tools based off the enriched standardised Trading Activity. This is also an essential foundation for further innovation e.g. advanced Negotiation Engines, regulatory reporting requirements etc.

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DUET Concepts & Flow

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